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Sarah Gallugi, CSWA


Certified Social Work Associate

EMDR Trained

Eastside Clinic

(541) 854-5703

Sarah brings a genuine self to therapy meeting each of her clients as unique with their own ways of seeing the world. She puts the client at the center of therapy so that their own circumstances, problems, and goals lead the dialogue and the approach. True to her belief in the importance of relationship and communication, Sarah is collaborative and strives to create a safe space for expressing feelings honestly and allowing the natural process of self discovery and healing to happen.


Sarah emphasizes a process for developing a stronger relationship with one’s own feelings and emotions, learning to communicate those feelings more effectively, and improving relationships and life goals through that process. Sarah is focused on helping a person work through emotional patterns to move away from surviving to thriving. Sarah’s broad range of experience with different ages and populations lends to her ability to recognize the inner needs of growth and healing towards improved development. 


Sarah will work to help you connect to what you are feeling and develop language and self understanding around your needs and how to meet them. Her approach puts a strong focus on one’s present, unique feeling experience. She is informed by attachment, relational, developmental and experiential approaches.

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