We are a team of therapists serving the Portland area. We are striving to make a company we can be proud of. Something that expresses to our customers what we believe in. Caring and efficient service. Effective and rewarding therapy. A culture of trust, integrity, and growth.


We each have our own personality and way of relating the vision of our team. We are also committed to working together to develop a unified understanding of what is really effective in therapy. We know you are taking a risk in trusting us with such an important thing as your inner life and your relationships. We want you to get the best return on your investment.

Westside Clinic
2250 NW Flanders St
Suite 201
Portland, OR 97210
Eastside Clinic
975 SE Sandy Blvd
Suite 100
Portland, OR  97214
Main Line  (503) 427-1952
Fax  (844) 293-3937​