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Jordan Dobrovolny, LCSW

IMG_2336 (1) (1).JPG

Licensure Supervisor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR Trained

Eastside Clinic

(503) 994-6702

Jordan came to being a therapist through the high plains desert in southern Idaho as a wilderness therapist.  A lot has changed since those dusty days but she still draws on nature and something bigger than us as inspiration in my work with the therapeutic process.

Her experience has taught her how powerful healing can be when we come together with courage, humor, and willingness.  Although she tends to blend therapeutic techniques to tailor therapy to each individual, she always comes from a relational style that blends trauma-informed care, recognition of attachment, somatic work, and internal family systems to aid in healing old wounds and decrease present day symptoms

What keeps her energized in the work of therapy is experiencing moments of transformation with the people that she has the honor of working with.  She firmly believes that healing can happen when you find the right fit and have the support to lean into depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues with someone you can trust.  

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