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Jasmine Quistorf

IMG_5652 (1).jpg

Professional Counselor Associate

Westside Clinic

(971) 533-8884

Jasmine’s top priority is that you feel welcomed to show up as you are without fear of judgment. Through gentle honesty, compassionate accountability, and transparent collaboration, she tries to create the conditions for a genuine connection because she believes that a trusting relationship is the most valuable part of therapy. Working with challenges like trauma recovery, neurodivergence, anxiety, depression, and more, her work is guided by a creative, flexible, and warm approach to therapy.


Jasmine’s practice is mainly inspired by a crossover of creative expression in therapy and Psychodynamic/Jungian psychotherapy. This can look like engaging the mind, body, and spirit through creative projects like art, play, movement, dream studying, journaling, etc. Her style is also influenced by her various studies in diversity and social justice; somatic psychology, creativity, and play in counseling; human sexuality; and child & family counseling.


Therapy is an imperfect art. It can be messy, weird, and uncomfortable. And it can also be exciting, beautiful, and gloriously transformative. With patience, curiosity, and unconditional care, this therapeutic journey could be what you’ve been searching for.

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