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Beth Weaver, LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR Trained for Children & Adults

Eastside Clinic

(503) 609-0761

Beth holds a value that each person has a story that impacts who they are and how they interact with others.  She understands the feelings of vulnerability in opening up about yourself in therapy. That is why she places priority on building trust with clients first and continuing to  approach her practice with gentle transparency. 


Often when we have been through difficult times we begin to simply survive.  This survival can feel never ending and lead to physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and employment problems.  We may even view ourselves as unimportant or unworthy of change. We may have been told that things will never change. Beth guides others to understand their story, process the impact and grow from their past in a safe non judgemental manner.  


Beth has seen in her work that it is possible to thrive.  She has over 20 years of experience and training in trauma and mental health issues for adults and children working with domestic violence organizations, adoption/foster care agencies, and family support organizations.  Beth has spent five years working intensely with children in mental health seeking to support parents and families in overcoming barriers. Through this work she has seen that an approach that works for one may not work for another.  Therefore, she seeks to get to know her clients and issues they wish to work on in therapy. She uses a collaborative and individual approach and checks in throughout the therapy relationship for effectiveness often reflecting back to the client on progress.

Beth considers herself a constant learner and naturally curious.  Due to this she has training in various therapy approaches such as Story Informed Trauma Therapy, Parent-Child Interactive Therapy, Sand tray therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving, ARC (Attachment, Regulation and Competency), Mindfulness and tapping.

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