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Simone Brodner


Licensed Professional Counselor

Eastside Clinic

(503) 490-0941

Simone Brodner, Professional Counselor Associate (she/her/hers)


We all go through times in our life when we feel overwhelmed, lost, simply exhausted, or in pain. We don’t have to go through this alone. Reaching out for support is a courageous act, asking us to acknowledge our sense of longing for change, to take up space with our own experiences and needs, and to confront and shift out of the sources of stuckness and suffering in our lives. Simone honors this courage by taking an active role in helping to bring clarity to confusion and identify areas for growth. She utilizes compassion, warmth, and playfulness to foster a sense of safety and connection in her relationships with clients.


Simone loves her work and has experience providing counseling in schools, non-profits, crisis lines, and residential treatment centers. She works with teens, adults, couples, and expansive relationships in her practice. Her approach is trauma-informed, affirming of intersectional identities, and acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression and intergenerational trauma. 


She integrates a range of theories and techniques in her practice, including expressive arts therapy, family systems therapy, and somatic-focused techniques, guided by each client's individual needs. In her work with couples and relationships, she utilizes the Developmental Model of relationship therapy. Simone’s guiding belief is that therapy provides the container and structure for individuals to enact their own healing and growth. 

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