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Nathan D'Aguiar, LPC

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Brainspotting Trained

EMDR Trained

Westside Clinic

(971) 266-3906

“Like a lotus flower, we too, have the ability to rise from the mud, blossom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world.” Unknown


Identifying as a queer/gay/non-binary therapist, Nathan centers themselves in a deep well of compassion, peace, and positivity. They believe we all have the power within us to find healing if given the right tools and support to guide us along the way. This pathway towards healing looks different for every one of us. As such, they view therapy as a collaborative process in which treatment is personalized for each client, utilizing their individual likes, dislikes, and strengths to find the solutions to best meet their needs.  Paramount to this healing, Nathan emphasizes cultivating nonjudgmental safe spaces in which clients may feel free to bring the totality of who they are, their life experiences, and the futures they desire and deserve.

It is an honor to be invited on a client’s journey, and Nathan brings with them a warm enthusiastic energy of hope and empowerment to each session, complimented by the patient understanding clients must be met where they are today and trust within the therapeutic relationship established, prior to moving forward, together, one safe step at a time. Along the way, Nathan aims to aid clients in building skills to become unstuck by regulating their autonomic nervous system and emotions, strengthening and making healthy connections, countering unhelpful thinking patterns, and increasing self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. It is through this process that clients begin to free themselves from the echoes of the past, face the fears of the future, and experience a more fulfilling life in which they may thrive and shine bright as their truest, most authentic selves.

To assist clients in achieving their goals Nathan utilizes a holistic, integrated approach to therapy. The methods they use are based in Polyvagal Theory, CBT, Mindfulness, DBT,  and Narrative therapies. Nathan prioritizes providing trauma informed care within an anti-oppressive, anti-racist environment welcoming to those from all walks of life including the LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities in addition to affirming HAES (Health At Every Size) and Body Positivity/Acceptance, Ethical Non-monogamy/Polyamory, and Sex Positivity.

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