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Kathleen Converse, CSWA


Certified Social Work Associate

EMDR Trained

Westside Clinic

(971) 202-0067

Kathleen takes a collaborative approach to therapy, partnering with you through your healing journey. Kathleen seeks to create a compassionate, non-judgemental, affirming space to explore your story. Therapy is deeply vulnerable work, but vulnerability is what allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, leading to more joy, connection, and healing. By building trust in the therapeutic  relationship we can explore these vulnerable spaces together to grow from them.

Our nervous systems are hardwired to be in a place of calm and connection, and want to be back in that place. Sometimes we need additional support to reconnect and trust the innate wisdom of our bodies. When we work to integrate our minds and bodies we are better able to flow through the challenges that life throws our way.

Kathleen draws on attachment theory, mindfulness practices, polyvagal theory, and strengths-based approaches. Kathleen will work with you to find what tools work best for you on your journey of growth and healing.

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