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Daphna Peterson, LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensure Supervisor

Westside Clinic

(503) 750-7537

Daphna believes that within every human there is a table water of wisdom running below the surface. This wisdom, when tapped, offers us knowledge that helps us to navigate through our lives and how to be a “wise-adult” in our relationships. Such a resource offers us the reassurance that we need to accept the breadth of our own and others’ experiences ranging from wonders to pain, confidence to insecurity, devastations to tranquility, boredom to excitement—until, ultimately, we face our own mortality. This ability to accept the full range of experiences not only enriches our lives and relationships, indeed, it is the essence of them and when we miss it, we feel empty.

Since her youth, Daphna has been unrelenting in her pursuit for self-awareness and now this drive extends into her professional work as a therapist. She does not expect or ask of her clients what she has not challenged herself to do first. Therapeutic exploration is intimidating. And showing up in life can hurt. Through life’s hits, falls, and bumps we learn to locate the shape of ourselves in the world. The more we ask and say and dare, the clearer we come to understand who we are.

Growing a stronger sense of self means developing a relationship with ourselves in which we get to negotiate the terms within rather than haggling with the outside world –saving our relationships with others from destructive interactions and stuck patterns.

Daphna works with adults and couples using a relational stance. She is currently focused on Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy, utilizing many useful lenses and tools as she works with couples from many different walks of life. Daphna has a strong background in DBT and trauma treatment as well as utilizes aspects of Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. 

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