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Zoe Zuschlag, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR Trained

Westside Clinic

(503) 893-8679

Zoë believes we each already hold within us the inner wisdom needed for healing ourselves. Zoë approaches therapy by honoring that wise voice and by collaborating with you to create a space for that voice to grow. In Zoë’s experience, this wisdom is rooted in the body and by working holistically through both mind and body we are able to grow the connection to our truest selves.

Zoë’s approach is relational at its core. By building a strong, authentic relationship with space to explore how power and interpersonal dynamics impact us, we work together to recognize what makes relationships feel hard and what we can do to ease them. She is guided by mindfulness-based practices, feminist multicultural therapy, and narrative therapy. She integrates pieces from polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and appreciates a psychodynamic approach to exploring how past experiences continue to influence present day.

Along with these therapeutic tools, Zoë leans towards optimism, trusts in the power of a positive reframe, and knows that while therapy can be challenging it can also be fun. She offers a deep awareness of LGBTQ+ concerns and holds an anti-oppressive lens crafted from her background in community organizing. This work, like therapy, begins with cultivating safer and more compassionate connections between people and within ourselves. She believes that therapy is the key not only to improving personal outcomes, but to a just and equitable future for all people. 

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