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Zev Levavi, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR Trained

Eastside Clinic

(503) 662-9033

Zev approaches therapy with the belief that people seek authentic and meaningful connection to themselves and others. His practice is grounded in the understanding that each individual is the expert of their own experience, and focuses therapy on empowering folks to actualize their preferred narratives.

Zev works collaboratively with clients to develop trust and safety in relationship. Building emotional honesty and transparency are important parts of this process. He finds that this approach facilitates a space where vulnerability is a strength and a key to profound shifts in the body and brain. These shifts can strengthen client’s connections to their physical and emotional experiences, and redefine our relationship dynamics. 

Zev offers supportive clinical guidance and gentle curiosity to walk with clients on their path to healing and recovery. His own bi-cultural identity is a strength in working with clients from multicultural backgrounds. Zev draws on a number of lenses, including anti-oppressive practice, narrative therapy, psychodynamic/relational therapy, attachment theory, acceptance and commitment therapy, and grief and loss frameworks. 

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