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Taylor Murahashi, CSWA


Certified Social Work Associate 

EMDR Trained

Westside Clinic

(971) 600-1204

Taylor Murahashi specializes in trauma-informed care; able to facilitate any deep trauma processing that you may need, such as generational, sexual, historical & persistent/ongoing trauma of marginalized individuals (i.e., BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabilities, etc.) Taylor feels particularly passionate when supporting the healing process of survivors of crimes– namely sexual assault survivors, domestic violence survivors, hate crime survivors, child neglect, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)/sex traffic survivors. Their aspiration is to use their wisdom to uplift and heal marginalized communities through participant-centered practices.


TAYLOR (tailor, to mend or cut) MURAHASHI (village bridge) is a powerful & proud bi-racial fem/non-binary queer, first-wave immigrant, and Babaylan (community healer) living with a disability. Her unique experience has forged her into a facilitator for the various marginalized communities that she has the privilege to serve through an intersectional lens. Taylor is a relational individual and believes in fostering authentic connections to create bridges for people to safely transition in their journey. She believes that building mutual trust and understanding can support an individual's process of being vulnerable and opening up about their own experiences, to best support them through change processes and liminal spaces. In her free time, she practices MMA, gardens too many vegetables, walks with her elderly dog, and plays both board and video games with her loved ones.

In Taylor’s practice, she creates a collaborative space with participants where they can reclaim their narrative and bodily autonomy while processing vulnerable subjects. Taylor believes that people are the experts in their own narrative and will work to empower you to use your external and internal strengths. They foster a safe, warm and respectful atmosphere so they can meet you where you are at with gentle curiosity and an open, compassionate attitude. Taylor works with you in identifying triggers and any maladaptive coping strategies, while helping you apply your inner and external strengths toward developing strategies, skills and ideas for healing and regulation. 

(Taylor’s practice utilizes a blend of several modalities including but not limited to trauma-informed care, anti-oppressive practices, strength-based approaches, racial-equity, motivational interviewing [MI], popular education, cognitive-behavioral therapy, sleep hygiene, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, dialectical behavior therapy [DBT], attachment theory, trust-based relational intervention [TBRI], and decolonizing popular practices. Each individual will have their sessions tailored to meet their needs, as they work in collaboration to create a space that supports their goals and healing process.)

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