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Monica Lopez, CSWA

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Certified Social Work Associate

EMDR Trained

Westside Clinic

(503) 427-1952

Monica is a first-generation Mexican American who specializes in trauma-informed care that is deeply rooted in intergenerational trauma, sexual trauma, and current traumatic events. Monica is passionate about helping individuals heal who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, ADHD, and dysregulated nervous systems, in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. Monica also has experience working with but not limited to marginalized/BIPOC communities, sexual assault survivors, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)/sex traffic survivors, youth, individuals, and families.


Monica provides a warm and genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals, change your patterns, and work through uncomfortable feelings without judgment. On your healing journey, Monica practices several modalities such as trauma-informed care, strengths-based approaches, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, sleep hygiene, narrative therapy, attachment theory, client-centered practices, and somatic therapy all through a holistic approach.

By taking the first steps to your healing journey Monica is there to guide your entry to self-care and recognize everyone’s journey is unique and by working together you can find the peace you’ve always been searching for.

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