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Mark Knutzen, PsyD

Mark (1).webp

Psychologist Resident

Eastside Clinic

(503) 427-1952

Mark has been providing mental health therapy for adults and adolescents for two decades.  This experience includes mental health and substance abuse treatment in residential, community mental health, and college counseling settings.  Mark believes his clinical experience is primarily relevant as it applies to the process of developing connections and therapeutic relationships.  


Mark has worked with many mental health issues, particularly issues involving: anxiety, depression or sadness, trauma or stressors, life transitions, and relational concerns.  Mark does not use a particular formalized treatment method.  Instead, he focuses on connecting with your particular experience and also developing the therapy relationship, rather than a single prescribed treatment.  Thus, Mark integrates elements of many treatment modalities as they seem relevant and beneficial.  His primary concern is witnessing your experience and contextualizing it more broadly within your current life and history.  From there, Mark will support you if you decide you want, or not, to pursue change. 


Mark realizes that choosing a therapist from a brief written description can be quite difficult—and that entering therapy can be a vulnerable experience.  He believes our life experiences are often complex and filled with ambivalence, or mixed feelings.  A similar experience, and/or confusion, might also apply to choosing a therapist.  How does one determine a therapist’s capability for empathy, intellect/knowledge, perceptiveness, sensitivity, skill set, humor, general personality, and the overall potential for interpersonal connection from a couple paragraphs and a photograph?  For that reason, Mark does not expect you to be committed to working with him if you decide to meet him.  Hopefully, therapy will be a positive experience for you.

Mark (he/him) is a psychologist resident working under the supervision of Meghan Kelley, PsyD.

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