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Kelsey Langille, CSWA


Certified Social Work Associate 

EMDR Trained


Westside Clinic

(971) 394-9349

By achieving greater insight into our relational patterns and personal mythology, we can find meaning, fulfillment, and peace within ourselves. An effective therapist serves as a guide in this process of reintegrating mind, body, and soul after trauma. Kelsey believes that the role of the therapeutic relationship is to make sense of relational wounds and create new pathways towards empowerment and support.


Kelsey utilizes polyvagal theory, mindfulness skills, and narrative therapy techniques to create an environment where folks can grow in self-awareness and self-trust. Kelsey's work combines an anti-oppressive lens with a broader social work framework to assist clients in dismantling the internal and external systems that dehumanize and fragment us. She views the therapeutic process as collaborative, creative, and dynamic.

Outside of the office, Kelsey enjoys reading surrealist fiction, visiting the ocean, and snuggling with her cats. She also loves playing board games, rewatching Studio Ghibli films, and celebrating the changing of seasons with friends in her garden.

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