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Joey Hockey, LCSW

IMG_2513 (1).jpg

Licensure Supervisor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR Trained

Westside Clinic

(971) 394-9320

Born and raised in Maryland, Joey relocated to Oregon in search of adventure. He understands the value in challenging ourselves and how it promotes growth in areas of our lives. No matter how difficult a challenge may be, there is always an opportunity to begin to make changes, one step at a time. 


Like climbing a mountain, the most satisfying moments are often the most difficult to achieve. There is a range and diversity of each individual’s experiences. We often have to take the good with the bad as contentment lies in the value of both of these experiences. Joey uses his personal experience as a way to challenge himself. He believes positive change can be created everyday one step at a time and will stand by you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and find success in the areas you value the most.  


Joey has spent his time honing his therapeutic skills working with children, adolescents, and adults in the clinic, schools, and hospital settings. Joey combines evidence based therapeutic techniques including CBT, DBT, family/group therapy, behavior therapy, mindfulness, electronic addictions treatment to create a truly client-centered and relational therapy experience. With Joey you will be able to address challenges with anxiety, depression, ADHD, family conflict, electronic addiction, skill development, or any other topic you wish to tackle on the journey to realizing your life goals.

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