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James Pardee, CSWA

James Pardee 6_edited.webp

Certified Social Work Associate

Brainspotting Trained

Westside Clinic

(503) 732-0115

James approaches therapy from a relationship central focus, seeking to work with you as you share your story and current life circumstances. He understands that healing occurs within constructive relationships and seeks to collaborate with you to find what healing truly means for you. 


James draws on his dialectical behavior therapy experience to find skillful ways to navigate difficult emotions and life situations and understands the value of learning and practicing emotional regulation, tolerating distress, and interpersonal skills. 


As a mediator, James is comfortable with conflict and appreciates the value of resolving interpersonal conflicts as part of healing and growing, including conflicts that may arise during therapy.


As  a lifelong seeker and learner, James feels honored to be part of your life journey and recognizes the importance of your own expertise in yourself, combined with his skills as a therapist. 


Finally, James understands that sometimes life is just plain difficult, filled with challenges and situations that are not easy to tolerate and may not ever be completely overcome. Despite this, he believes meaning and purpose can often be found amidst tragedy and suffering.


In his free time, James enjoys hiking and backpacking year around, playing and improving board games with friends, sailing the Columbia River, and is starting to learn archery. 


James draws from relational, narrative, existential, and polyvagal approaches.

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