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James Pardee, CSWA


Certified Social Work Associate

Brainspotting Trained

Westside Clinic

(503) 732-0115

As a relational therapist, James believes in the healing power of relationships, both with yourself and others. James also understands that trauma and harm often enters our lives through relationships. He is dedicated to creating a space where courageous vulnerability is welcomed and where pain is honestly seen, named, and processed. James strives to collaborate with you to find what works best for you and appreciates the uniqueness of everyone. 


James uses brain-spotting, somatic experiencing, and internal family systems to help cultivate lasting healing & change. Brain-spotting is a highly effective method for processing difficult & painful emotions, especially those trapped by complex trauma. James also draws on attachment theory to support a move towards becoming self-secure and developing secure relationships with others. He uses narrative therapy to compassionately challenge unhelpful narratives about the world, others, and self to allow for a healthy sense of self.  


As a mediator, James is comfortable with conflict and appreciates the value of resolving interpersonal conflicts as part of healing and growing, including conflicts that may arise during therapy. 


When not working, James spends his time hiking, backpacking, playing board games, sailing on the Columbia River, honing his racquetball skills, and exploring Portland’s many coffee shops with friends.


James specializes in working with adults with complex, developmental, and religious trauma.

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