George Poliszuk, LMFT


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

EMDR Trained

Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples Trained

Westside Clinic


(503) 568-1115

Most couples come to couples therapy wanting to improve the way they communicate, with many experiencing high conflict and often at a crossroads in their relationship. Some couples just need a relationship tune up.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist George Poliszuk has been working with couples for over 10 years and utilizes a multi-theoretical approach that incorporates Gottman, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, and Attachment Theory.

His goal is to help couples change the patterns they use to communicate their needs and attachment hurts, manage conflict, and improve connection and intimacy.  He also seeks to identify a couple's existing internal strengths and resiliency, family and relationship history that might be contributing to their relational distress, as well as their individual love languages. He then works with that information and the couples’ goals to help them achieve healthy patterns of lasting connection, secure attachment, and greater intimacy.