Edward Quedado, CSWA


Certified Social Work Associate

EMDR Trained

Eastside Clinic


(503) 765-6104

Edward’s therapy is informed by his belief that people are vastly more complex than our lives permit us to show one another. While therapy is never a promise, it is a place filled with possibility.

What is possible is at once an individual and interpersonal question. His experiences have instilled his belief that what can and cannot emerge in therapy is related not only to an individual’s patterns of relating but also to your connection to your therapist. He takes the view that the role of the therapist is to cultivate in others what they hope for themselves.

Edward’s work has given him the great privilege of entering into the question of what is possible from a range of conditions: homelessness, serious and enduring mental illness, crisis, suicide, addiction, trauma and attachment ruptures.

He has responded to such problems in living using principles coming from change, attachment and trauma. He practices using strengths-based, solution-focused and client-centered ideas.