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David A. Ryan, LCSW


Co-Chief Executive Officer

Co-Chief Clinical Officer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR & Brainspotting Trained

(503) 427-1952

David’s approach in working with people is to inspire a creative, moment-by-moment process of self-discovery and self-validation. David has faith in the potential and inner wisdom of each person to realize their deepest expression of self. He believes that the "why" is important only if it helps to grasp the "what" and “how" towards opening one's heart to the personal risk and relational safety that is needed for real awareness and change to happen.

David has over 25 years in the helping profession that has drawn him close to the human experience. Although he is a life-student who never ceases to seek new ideas, new science findings, theories and practices, his attitude is towards what is useful in practice.

He believes that something concrete must happen experientially in the session or we have only talked "about" our ideas of the situation.  Theories are only helpful if they generate this kind of usefulness to experience.  For that reason, David’s work is intended to be a dynamic, practical, and creative response to what comes up for you in the moment. He stays close to your growing edge to facilitate the next step.

David is currently not accepting new patients.

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