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Dane Ward, LCSW


Clinical Director

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Children & Family Therapy

Westside Clinic

(971) 770-2238

Dane Ward is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on child, youth, and family therapy. Dane believes that creating an open, trusting and non-judgmental environment allows for clients to share their story, create new perspectives, increase awareness and insight to make desired life changes. Dane believes clients are the expert on their own lives. He works collaboratively with clients to find what is best for each individual and support the changes they strive towards. 

Dane utilizes strength-based, client-centered, and trauma-informed practices to make progress toward client goals. He has worked in settings including a group home, crisis shelter, school, community, nonprofit, and private practice agencies. He specializes in emotional and behavioral concerns, anger management, depression, anxiety, ADHD, family dynamics, trauma, safety, and stabilization services.

As a Social Worker, Dane believes in exploring and making desired changes at an individual, family, and societal level to maximize benefits. Dane notes the reward in this field comes when clients experience life-changing accomplishments, success, and positive strategies to work through difficulty.

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