Britt Tilton, CSWA

Certified Social Work Associate



Westside Clinic


Britt recognizes that the human experience is complex and impacted by multiple factors, including our
environment, relationships, spirituality, culture, and biology. Her view is that being heard, seen, and
understood are some of our deepest human needs, and that when we experience those, we have the
ability to flourish.

She believes that you are already whole, wise, resilient and have a capacity for transformational change,
when given opportunities and resources. Rather than focusing on “what’s wrong?” she explores “what’s
happened to you?” and “what’s right with you?” She strives to recognize your authentic potential and
support you as you design a life aligned with your values and priorities.

She considers it her responsibility to establish a supportive relationship, witness your story and facilitate
the self-healing process you have within you. Her approach is strengths-based, collaborative,
transparent, attachment-focused, trauma-informed, and grounded in integrative therapeutic modalities
such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Lifespan Integration, and Motivational