A Welcome Note to Our Beloved Clients

In our office, today and always, we welcome all persons of all backgrounds, orientations, interests, and choices. We celebrate diversity, we care about our community. Our office is a place of transformation and growth. All who are willing to do this work are making the world a better place, and as such are celebrated, respected, and honored in our place. 

We combine all treatment models we have been learning to create the space that supports our, and your, ongoing quest of accepting ourselves and accepting others. 

All of us on the team are becoming. We are striving to be better relationally while implementing the latest science research findings combined with deep interpersonal and neurobiological therapy. Therefore, we think of ourselves as neurotherapists not only psychotherapists. 

The hallmark of our work is you, client centered. A deep relational work combined with focused somatic mindfulness. We believe that personal integrity relies heavily on the body and the somatic presentations associated with all of our life experiences. Recent studies in trauma and shame constantly present us with information that the body remembers everything and always talks. Our health heals and enriches when we learn to listen to the body’s language.

All of our team members are trained in more than one body/somatic treatment modality. However, we can’t be successful healers without you learning to listen to your own body. We also use cognitive and brain based modalities to help you translate what you hear from your body. This is such a complex and rich work that can be fun, too. 

In our office, we hold each other accountable to live a life of integrity, practicing transparency, vulnerability, courage, and compassion. To always, here and everywhere, develop and maintain an environment characterized by meaningful interactions, open and honest discussions, and a safe, respectful setting. This is the place you are stepping into when you come to us. 

So, you are always Welcome and thank you for trusting us with your integrity and your life.

About Us

We are a team of therapists serving the Portland area. We are striving to make a company we can be proud of. Something that expresses to our customers what we believe in. Caring and efficient service. Effective and rewarding therapy. A culture of trust, integrity, and growth.


We each have our own personality and way of relating the vision of our team. We are also committed to working together to develop a unified understanding of what is really effective in therapy. We know you are taking a risk in trusting us with such an important thing as your inner life and your relationships. We want you to get the best return on your investment.

We have 2 locations

Our Westside Clinic

Our Eastside Clinic