Bryce Taylor, LMFT-A


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist-Associate

Westside Clinic


(503) 893-9032

Behavioral Health Therapist; Independent Practitioner Bryce Taylor, MA, MFT Associate:


Bryce holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. His approach is multi-modal which includes Psychodynamic, Attachment Theory, trauma-informed, and EMDR and practices with a person-centered approach in line with Rogerian therapy.


Bryce spent many years working with individuals with disabilities, child welfare, and behavior analysis with children diagnosed with autism. He now works with individuals of all ages and specializes in helping individuals overcome trauma and grief, including PTSD and complex bereavement.


He believes each individual has their own set of life circumstances and works with each individual's strengths to form new coping skills and personal growth and development.