Becca Newland, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Westside Clinic


(971) 319-0299

Becca is from Michigan, where she obtained a Master in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She has a therapeutic approach that is warm, client-centered, and direct. She is a relational therapist, meaning that she not only believes relationships are integral to a fulfilling life, but also that healing takes place within supportive, connected relationships. Her hope is that with time her clients feel safe to bring all parts of themselves to sessions. She seeks to empower them to experience themselves in new ways, and to leave with insight that helps them feel more connected to themselves, others, and the world. 

Often the problems we bring to therapy are simply adaptations that have allowed us to survive in past circumstances or environments. Life can be much richer when we recognize this and become able to tell our story in a different way.  As a therapist, Becca aims to provide a warm, consistent relationship in which clients can begin to do this, uncovering the natural wisdom of their bodies and minds.

Becca is a strong proponent of laughter and playfulness as a part of the therapeutic process; therapy can be hard, but sometimes fun, too! She uses different therapeutic approaches depending on clients’ preferences and needs, but draws most heavily from somatic and mindfulness practices, narrative therapy, attachment theory, art therapy principles, polyvagal theory, internal family systems (IFS), and feminist and anti-oppressive frameworks.